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Down the rabbit hole
Adressing relationships challenges in a digital era

Dates:         27 - 28 - 29/10/2025
Location:    Antwerp


Embark on a journey through the modern-day digital rabbit hole, reminiscent of Alice's adventures in Wonderland. This international conference explores the profound effects of the digital era on our relationships and family dynamics, drawing parallels to Alice's surreal encounters. We will delve into the challenges posed by digital technology and discuss strategies for embracing its benefits while remaining mindful of its potential impacts on individuals and relationships. Contextual therapists and scholars will convene to examine how we can navigate this digital wonderland, drawing inspiration from Alice's quest for understanding in a whimsical yet complex world. Join us for insightful discussions and practical approaches to contextual therapy in the digital era, where even this abstract itself was crafted through human thought, digital assistance from ChatGPT, and the aid of Google Translate—a nod to the intertwining of human creativity and technology in our evolving landscape.

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